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Welcome to the Weatherall log-home finishing website! We’re glad you “logged” in to learn about our chinking products and more, as well as our professionals who represent a premier company with over 30 years of unsurpassed expertise. The Weatherall company designs, manufactures and delivers log home stain and other finishing products to everyone from architects to home builders to specialized contractors to homeowners; and our experienced consultants will partner with you to ensure your log-home restoration and finishing plans are seamless, from beginning to end! Sit back, relax and take a leisurely tour through our site; and we guarantee you’ll walk away with highly-relevant information precisely designed for your distinctive log-home projects. Our products are revolutionary, such as Weatherall’s very own elastomeric, triple-stretch chinking material; and our product selection is expansive including stains & finishes, caulking, masonry products, a variety of finishing tools and much more! And if you want to see our stains for log home stains up close, we’ll be happy to send free samples, upon request, in addition to caulking and chinking color charts and application guides. Be sure, also, to ask about our EZ return policy—the one that doesn’t tag on restocking fees like other companies do. Then there’s Weathrall’s 3 and 5-year warranties on stain materials, as well as Weatherall’s exclusive, limited life-time warranties for chinking and caulking materials. Our log home restoration and finishing warranties are recognized as the industry-frontrunner, and is unique to Weatherall and no one else.


Weatherall Has It All!

Weatherall continues to celebrate its 30 years of on-going success as a premier contender in the log-home finishing industry. Our log-home stain and chinking products are guaranteed to flawlessly preserve and protect your dream-home investment; but there are a few other things we pledge to protect as well—you, your family and the environment. Weatherall proudly offers a full-line of eco-friendly products that are 100% water-borne, and are incredibly easy to use! Also with Weatherall products, you’ll never need to be concerned about exposure to harsh chemicals to achieve the results you desire. Aside from our top-of-the-line products that are ‘green’ and environmentally compatible and our EZ return policy and our one-of-a-kind life-time warranties—aside from all that, there’s more! You will find useful, in-depth information throughout our webpages concerning Weatherall’s vast inventory of preservation and log home restoration products as well as insight on tried-and-true techniques and procedures. And if you have any questions, our technical-support experts are always available to offer ideas, suggestions and useful tips.


Charts, Guides and Estimates!

Take a moment to check out our on-line charts, guides and estimates. With one, simple click you will find:

1: Comparison Charts—

Our charts provide ‘what-you-need-to-know’ information regarding our restoring your log homeor finishing products, and how they line up with our competitors. You’ll discover interesting comparisons of durability/adhesion/elasticity ratings, number of available colors, number of required coats, full cure times, return policies, warranties and so much more! It’s all right here and only a click away!


2: Chinking Guide—

Chinking should be a once-only task; and our site’s chinking guide is loaded with valuable knowhow concerning chinking application. Information addressing the ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of chinkingis clearly explained; and every consideration including moisture content of logs, temperature and humidity, necessary equipment, application tips and more are available to look over at your leisure.


3: Material Estimators—

To determine how much stain for your log home you will need, or other supplies, our ‘Materials Estimator’ calculators provide instantaneous results within seconds; and it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Depending on which product you are interested in calculating, a few prompts will ask for information such as the outside perimeter of your house in feet, the average wall height, the number of log courses, etc. Entering your requested data will take seconds and the results will appear quicker than the blink of an eye---yes, it’s thatfast! Different entries can be inputted as many times as you choose by simply clicking the ‘reset’ button each time, to clear the screen.



If you really want to sit back and relax, grab a cup of coffee and take a stroll through our ‘Video’ selection, accessible from our Home Page. You’ll find topics ranging from how to apply stain to your log home, how to clean logs prior to staining, tools & dry-in info, and even a short presentation on the history of wood, in addition to a variety of other log-home specific topics. The information is both useful and entertaining; especially for those who consider themselves ‘do-it-yourselfers’.


Weatherall Is Here For You:

Whether you’re simply looking for some expert advice or have established yourself as a valued customer, you can connect with Weatherall in several different ways:

1: Phone and Fax Numbers:

The Weatherall team is only a phone call away. You can choose our toll-free numbers, connect with our main office or send us a fax:

Toll Free………..877.275.2739

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2: Email Messages-

Send us an email message at any time! Click the ‘More Info’ prompt at the top of our Home Page; scroll down to ‘Contact Us and provide your name and email address and you’re good to go. It’s that easy and we’ll make sure we get back with you, promptly. Contact us today and visit with one of our experienced team members. We’ll see to it that all your home-finishing questions are fully addressed and that all your project needs are completely met. Weatherall’s products are of unsurpassed quality; and that’s a promise. They will beautifully and thoroughly preserve and protect your home so it can be enjoyed by you and your family for generations to come!   Weatherall Has It All!    

Additional Information:

Weatherall reveals it all! If you desire detailed and even technical product information, you can find everything you need to know from our ‘More Info’ section and glean insight on such things as material composition, viscosity, storage requirements, masonry products, log home restoration FAQ’s and much more---a click or two and you’re there! Oh, and one more thing—we offer FREE shipping with on-line orders!