Winter’s Coming! Here’s What to Do With Wood Stain and Sealants

How to Store Wood Stain and Wood Sealants This WinterWinters can be cold and often snowy. This can be a problem for storing your wood stains and sealants. Although some of these products may be labeled as “freeze-thaw stable,” it’s generally better to prevent them from freezing if possible. While some products may still be usable after freezing and then thawing, they will still be permanently altered from their original state, and may be less effective; they degrade further with each subsequent freeze-thaw cycle. [Read more…]

Tips for Building Your Perfect Log Home

Tips for Building Your Perfect Log HomeThere’s nothing quite like living in a remote cabin in the Colorado wilderness. Up in the mountains, buildings constructed from logs evoke our deep pioneer history, calling back to a simpler time in Colorado’s unspoiled landscape. If you’re considering building a log home up in the mountains, whether it’s a vacation home or your full time residence, you’ll need the right log home building materials, a great location, and solid, weather resistant construction. [Read more…]

How to Keep Your Firewood Dry in the Winter

How to Keep Your Firewood Dry in the WinterIf you’re enjoying life in a mountain cabin in climate with cold, snowy winters, there’s nothing like a roaring fire on a frigid night. Whether you depend on a fireplace and a wood-burning stove for heat and cooking, or it’s just an aesthetic concern, you’ll need clean, dry firewood to burn. The problem is that firewood can easily get wet, making it difficult to burn and susceptible to decay. Here are some tips on how to keep firewood dry in the winter so that you can enjoy a season-long supply. [Read more…]

What’s a Hybrid Log Home?

What's a Hybrid Log Home?For many who dream of owning a log home, a traditional stacked-log home may be too expensive. Fortunately, there are other options. Depending on your builder, you can also choose from post-and-beam, timber-frame, and hybrid log homes. Hybrid construction, in particular, is an alternative worth considering. [Read more…]

How Subpar Caulking & Chinking Affects Your Log Home

How Subpar Caulking & Chinking Affects Your Log HomeLog homes require a lot of special attention and maintenance to keep them in good condition. The amount of work to be done, especially in the beginning, can make cutting corners seem like an attractive alternative. However, the old saying that “anything worth doing is worth doing right” certainly applies to log homes, and chinking is a good example. A subpar caulking or chinking job, whether due to low-quality materials or incomplete coverage, defeats its own purpose. [Read more…]

5 Essential Tools for Restoring a Log Home

5 Essential Tools for Restoring a Log HomeRestoring a log home is a rewarding project, but it’s also one that requires attention to detail and a complete set of tools and supplies. Before you get started, be sure that you have these five essential tools needed for cleaning, stripping, repairing, and finishing your log home restoration. [Read more…]