Limited Lifetime Warranty- UV Guard Textured Caulk

Weatherall Company, Inc. warrants satisfactory results from the use of UV Guard Textured Caulk when installed in accordance with the application instructions provided by Weatherall.


This warranty does not cover failures due to the following: Fire, flood, natural disaster or any other acts of God; improper
storage, handling or installation; plumbing leaks, faulty construction or settling that would exceed the material’s normal elasticity.

Weatherall’s sole and complete responsibility for proved material failure is as set forth in this warranty. Weatherall Company, Inc. will not be held responsible for incidental, indirect or consequential damages including reinstallation labor. The user is solely responsible for determining the suitability of this product for its intended use prior to application. User assumes all risk and liability in connection therewith. Questions regarding this warranty should be directed to the nearest Weatherall representative.

Claims Notification:

Notification of claims must be made in writing to Weatherall Company, Inc. and accompanied by the sales receipt. If UV Guard Textured Caulk is proved to have failed, Weatherall Company, Inc. at its own discretion, will replace failed material or refund the purchase price of the material only. Weatherall Company, Inc. reserves the right to inspect the jobsite by an authorized representative prior to settlement of any claims.