Log Caulking

Log Home Caulking How-To Videos

Looking for a little help with your next log home caulking project? We've created a series of how-to videos so you can do it right the first time!

Caulking Comparison Chart

Why should I use your caulking products? Can I use your caulk in my log checks? Will your caulking blend with my logs? Are all log home caulking materials the same? View our caulking comparison chart for the simple, honest and straight forward answers.

Log Home Caulking Products

Log home caulking is a highly elastic sealant material that has little or no surface texture and is mainly used in smaller log joints. It is best to apply a log home stain that is compatible with the log caulking first because it will act as a primer for your log home caulking and will normally improve the overall adhesion of the log caulking material. Additionally, it makes the clean up process for the log home caulking material much easier. Finally, if your log caulking is properly installed, there should be very little maintenance work down the road.

Used primarily in smaller log joints, log home caulking is a highly elastic sealant which will allow forlogs’ expansions and contractions due to changing temperatures.

1: UV Guard Textured—Are you balking at your caulking? Is your log home’s sealant showing even small gaps? If so, you could be letting the bugs in while you’re letting your heating and cooling out! UV Guard Textured Caulk has unsurpassed elasticity and can be used inside and out. If you’re looking for a textured appearance, this product was specifically developed for that specialized look. It’s an excellent restoration/repair material since it works beautifully where previously- applied mortar chinking, mastics and glossy caulks were used. And if you have your heart set on a particular color, Weatherall has a variety of colors to choose from in addition to customized hues for that special project!

2: UV Guard Premium—Want an industrial-strength caulk when you replace those doors or windows? Are those voids or gaps in your old sealant inviting unwanted ‘guests’? If professional-grade is what you need for your caulking project, then look no further! UV Guard Premium is industry-recognized as an extremely powerful, pro-strength sealant that forms an impressive adhesive bond and remains amazingly flexible, water resistant and weather-tight for years! When using sheet metal, uncoated wood, masonry, stucco, drywall or when replacing windows or doors and a host of other applications, UV Guard Premium won’t let you down! Are you looking for a particular color? Weatherall has a dozen standard colors to choose from and, again, for those very specialized home renovation projects, custom colors can be easily created.