Whether you are refurbishing your existing stucco and repairing your chimney, it is important to select the right product so you only have to do the job once.  ef Coat Foundation Coating is a revolutionary product that looks like stucco yet is flexible enough to be installed over concrete.  Is your chimney leaking?  Check the condition of your mortar joint and if it is degraded then we would recommend Mortar Match. Repairing stucco can be timely and often times not very effective.  Our 80/20 Stucco Re-Coat product is designed to go over most if not all stucco products and produce the results that you would expect.

Weatherall’s Masonry Products cover a whole host of log home restoration needs—whether it’s a leaking chimney or deteriorating stucco, our products will make dilapidated areas look brand new! It’s vital to select the right product to ensure you’ll be doing the job only once.

1: Stucco Recoat- 80/20—Is the finish of your log- home’s stucco, brick or concrete block faded or cracked? Are those surfaces in need of a face-lift? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Stucco Recoat 80/20 is a blend of latex acrylics formulated to provide an elasticized, resilient, textured finish with superior weathering characteristics for concrete as well as cementitious and synthetic mediums. It doesn’t matter if your projects center around old brick, concrete block, poured concrete, or concrete wall panels, this product can be used over all of them and will stunningly renew their appearance, via rolling or spraying, to achieve a seamless, textured look. Old stucco that is faded or cracked can, also, look new, once more. And talk about colors of the rainbow! The Arctic White can be tinted to provide a virtual endless number of shades, using Universal colorants, to suit your taste. Standard hues are available, as well.

2: Foundation Coating—Are you tired of the same old, same old? Does the brick, stone or concrete foundation of you log home long for color or texture? Well, guess what—Weathrall has a revolutionary new product that forms a continuous, seamless, air and water-tight, super-adhesive stucco-like coating that can be applied to poured concrete, concrete block, insulated concrete forms, brick and stone foundations! And, oh the variety! Textures run the gamut from orange peel, smooth, steel-trowel finish and heavy knock-down. Not only that, but 10 earth-tones are available in addition to custom-color choices.

3: Sealing Primer SCT—Are you concerned about your log home’s moisture-penetration problems? Has your log home experienced staining caused by tannic acid? If so, you’ll be very interested in Weatherall’s Sealing Primer SCT which is specifically designed to prevent exactly that: moisture infiltration as well as bleed-thru due to tannic acid. SCT is a patented blend of latex acrylics—a sealing primer that can be used either by itself or as a surface primer over wood. When mixed with SCT Flexible Joint Compound, it can be used over the following:

  • Cementitious surfaces
  • Existing stucco
  • Masonry
  • OSB
  • SIPs
  • Aged Wood
  • Foam-form blocks
  • Urethane Foam Sheathing

4: Mortar Match--Is your log home suffering from deteriorated joints?—Mortar joints, that is. Mortar Match is an excellent product for the restoration of log homes. It boasts of being a highly-elastic seal which is impenetrable and is formulated from 100% pure acrylic resins. Perhaps you have a leaky chimney that requires attention in areas that had previously-applied mortar. If so, Mortar Match is ideal due to its elasticity for sealing over cracked and deteriorated mortar joints, thereby, eliminating air and water intrusion. Its pliability is remarkable in that it is capable of stretching 50% of applied width. You can choose from a whole slew of colors; and a variety of textures are available from semi-matte to semi-smooth to rough.