How to Care for Interior Log Walls

How to Care for Interior Log WallsProperly maintaining your log cabin wall will make your home a beautiful, relaxing place where you want to spend your time. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how to care for interior log walls. Follow these three tips to keep your interior log walls as attractive and healthy as the day they were built. [Read more…]

Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Log Home from Pests

Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Log Home from PestsLog cabins are celebrated for their natural appearance and the rustic environment they create. Unfortunately, a wide variety of insects also appreciate this type of home, especially if it hasn’t been sealed well. There’s no need to let insects get the best of your house, though. From carpenter ants to termites to beetles, take a closer look at these seven effective ways to protect your home from pests. [Read more…]

Wooster – The Best Stain Brush on the Market

Wooster - The Best Stain Brush on the MarketWhen you want your deck or your cabin to look as though it’s been stained by a professional, just any old brush won’t do. Instead, you need the best stain brush that’s available. Get to know the Wooster Oil & Latex Stain Brush, and learn why it’s the best on the market. [Read more…]

The History of Chinking

History of ChinkingLog home ownership comes with a variety of issues that more conventional homes do not. One of those is chinking, the insulating substance placed between the logs. Here’s a concise history of the chinking tradition, and some discussion of the best ways to find chinking solutions that work for you. [Read more…]

How to Evaluate a Potential Log Home Purchase

How to Evaluate a Potential Log Home PurchaseWhile most home buyers know to look for signs of damage when evaluating a potential purchase, the specific signs of a problem in a log home are unknown to many first-time buyers. This is unfortunate, as there are several pitfalls unique to this class of home that can swallow your time and money. Here is a list of the most common things to look for. [Read more…]

How to Remove Wood Stains From Carpet

Cleaning-Wood-Stains-in-CarpetWhether you have a log home or simply have wood walls inside, you may end up with some stains on your carpet when you treat the wood. These stains, if not taken care of properly and immediately, can lead to lasting damage to the carpet, and in some cases you may find yourself needing to replace the carpet completely. To avoid this, make sure you’re cleaning up spills before they become a huge issue. [Read more…]