Chinking, Tools & Backer

Chinking is a critical part in the design and structure of your log home. Chinking adds a more professional looking finish to your home and gives definition to the angles of any log home. It can really help in bringing out the best aesthetics of any log home and is something that should always be considered. However, there is much more to chinking than just aesthetics. 


Chinking also adds an element of protection to your log home. It goes a long way to making your log home last as long as possible and keep it protected from not only the elements but also the environment surrounding you. Insects and rodents can have an easy time attacking the logs your home is made of. Log home chinking keeps their influence to a minimal. 


Adding chink between the logs adds insulation into your log home, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the warmer months. In this way chinking keeps you, your family and anyone visiting more comfortable inside your log home. This saves you money on your heating and electric bills year-round and who doesn’t like that? 


Come rain or shine, log home chinking helps with helping your home deal with the elements. With chink between the logs the rain, snow and wind will stay out. This will protect your home from potential water damage and damage from high winds. On sunnier days chinking still has a role to play, keeping the cooler, pleasant air inside despite the heat outside.

Triple Stretch

Weatherall chinking products feature extra-stretch, providing you with an elastic log sealant that responds incredibly well to movement. Over time all logs move, and the elasticity of this chinking means it moves with the logs, adapting to its new position with ease. Our Triple Stretch chinking works well in virtually any type of weather and maintains its appearance so it keeps that professional look after years of log movement. Not only will it stretch but it also compresses up to 100% of its original joint size. So as your logs move around over time, the chinking will always adapt no matter if the spaces get bigger or smaller. 

With Weatherall chinking you only have to do the job once. This saves you time and money in the long run—once the job is completed, it can withstand the test of time. Non-elastic chinking cracks over time, increasing your log home's vulnerability to weather, unwanted intruders, and deterioration of insularing leading to higher energy bills. Weatherall chinking puts a stop to this and does the job right from the start. 

Do yourself and your log home a favor and make sure that your home is protected for as long as possible. Keep it looking great, energy efficient and protected against the elements. Using Weatherall Triple Stretch chinking between the logs on your home, you can rest assured knowing you have the best level of protection available.