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Log Home Stain How-To Videos

Looking for a little help with your next log home staining project? We've created a series of how-to videos so you can do it right the first time!

Log Home Stain Comparison Chart

What is the best stain available to protect my logs? Why is your stain better than your competitors? How often will I need to re-stain my home? What type of warranty comes with your product? If you find yourself asking these questions, we recommend you view the link above. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Log Home Stain Products

Log home stains are designed to keep your new or existing cabin looking beautiful no matter the climate or weather conditions. There are two main types of stains. The first is water based and the second is oil based. Water based stains typically have very little odor and are nice because clean up is with soap and water. Oil based stains can be a little more user friendly but do require solvents for clean up.  All log home stains perform better if the right amount of surface preparation is done prior to the stain application. Call us to discuss which is the right stain product for your project.

You’ll be pleased to know that Weatherall offers a full-line of engineered ‘green’ products that are gentle on the environment and finishing products that are are 100% water-borne! Perhaps you’re renovating your log home due to sun-damage, ‘yellowing’ wood, mold/mildew/insect problems or simply relishing the thought of doing a fun make-over.

Whatever challenges or enjoyments your restoration project might involve, Weatherall’s masonry products, tools, stains and finishes have you covered—figuratively speaking, that is! So, let’s get ‘er done!

1: UV Guard Wood Finish— Does the interior or exterior of your log home look damaged or worn due to continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays? UV Guard Wood Finish was created exclusively by Weatherall to protect your wood from the ravages of the sun. It’s an acrylic wood finish that comes in a variety of colors, including ‘clear’, and contains highly-advanced UV absorbers and stabilizers. Because UV Guard Wood Finish was soley developed by Weatherall’s team of experts, this unique product contains very specific additives that offer far more potent protection and longevity to wood surfaces when compared to competitors’ products. UV Guard can be applied as a “finish coat” over stain and it, also, serves beautifully as a “maintenance coat” to brighten and reseal a previous finish.

2: UV Guard ll Wood Finish—Does the outside of your log home appear discolored, cracked or split due to the deteriorating effects of the sun? How about interior areas of your home that have become dulled due to exposure to excessive sunlight? UV Guard ll Wood Finish carries a 5-year limited warranty and is a unique blend of resins and pigments that deliver a noticeably higher- level of protection over time than most other stain products you’ll find anywhere! The pigment particles, themselves, actually help to block the rays of the sun. UV Guard ll Wood Finish will help you achieve renewed beauty coupled with unsurpassed durability. With a palate of colors to choose from, including ‘clear’, this top-of-the-line product will make your wood look new again! Customized colors can be created, also, to suit your preference.

3: SuSTAIN Wood Finish—Does your home’s exterior or interior wood look worn and dingy? SuSTAIN Wood Finish is a time-saving, single-coat system with a 5-year limited warranty! This is an exceptional, semi-transparent, oil-based stain that works beautifully over any existing oil or solvent-based finishes. Available in four colors, including ‘clear’, this product works superbly to beautify and protect new wood, as well as older woods. If your project involves the use of universal tints from a quality paint store, the ‘natural clear’ option can be tinted to match almost any coloration you might choose.

4: LogGuard Interior Clear—Do you have older, interior wood surfaces that have yellowed over time? After wood has been properly cleaned and prepared, LogGuard Interior Clear is an exceptional choice to prevent any yellowing issues in the future. It’s an advanced, water-based formulation available as a clear satin that will not yellow! It not only provides an excellent wood finish for interior wood, but acts as an impressive “primer” for chinking and caulking. It virtually eliminates all potential de-bonding problems!

5: Stain Additives—Does your log home have a mold, mildew or bug problem? Weatherall’s Stain Additives products will provide extra protection against challenges associated with mold, mildew, flying insects or carpenter bees.

  • StayClean IE Mildewcide—Make sure all existing mold and mildew is removed on any interior or exterior surfaces. Interior mildew should be killed and removed using a bleach-cleaning solution to prevent any future issues. StayClean IE is an EPA-registered mildewcide paint additive that will give you peace of mind knowing mold and mildew growth will be a thing of the past; and it can be safely used in bathrooms, kitchens, pantries and with decking material. StayClean IE will not affect any color it is mixed with and will inhibit any further mold and mildew growth on interior or exterior surfaces. It is extremely effective and is easy to use for do-it-yourselfers!
  • NBS30 Insect Repellent— NBS30 is an insect repellant additive to be used with most exterior coatings and is safe for interior use, as well. With common-sense application, it can be safely used around plants, animals, humans, and is all natural! This product will not change the color or properties of the coating it is mixed with, and is odorless. It is highly-effective with repelling a myriad of insect types including ants, ticks, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, beetles, mites, fleas, silverfish, dirtdaubers, ladybugs and carpenter bees.
  • Bug Juice Insecticide—Bug Juice is an EPA-registered insecticide that can be added to latex paint, oil-based paint, stains and sealers. If your renovation project involves painting, staining or sealing and you’ve been battling crawling or flying insects on either interior or exterior surfaces, this solution will eliminate those pests once and for all! The battle is won!