Mortar Match Joint Sealant




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Product Overview:  Mortar Match is a highly elastic, non-structural finish formulated from 100 percent pure acrylic resins. It was specifically developed to seal existing mortar joints and other construction related areas where maximum elasticity or moisture protection is required and/or where a textured appearance is desired.

Primary Uses:  It can be used as a weather-tight seal over new mortar joints where a positive, flexible seal is needed and a neat, mortar textured finish is desired. Also, it can be used as an excellent restoration/repair product for previously applied mortar. Its elasticity is ideal for sealing over cracked and deteriorated mortar joints, eliminating air and water infiltration


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Unsurpassed Elasticity
  • Adheres permanently to surfaces to form an airtight seal that prevents air and water infiltration.
  • Will Not Tear or Pull Away
  • Forms a tough, protective, damage resistant surface that will remain in place for many years.
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-Toxic
  • Environmentally Safe

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I own a home repair business in Central Texas. Due to the severe drought over the last few years, many homes have masonry cracks. This is an excellent product for repairing those cracks, and the color selection is great! I have really impressed home owners with the quality and beauty of the repair.